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At ImpactNET we centralize KSNET’s dissemination activities. In order to do this, we make use of different channels such as conversations, debates or reflexions of experts from our network. We also publish academic papers and contributions to the public discourse derived from our projects. The main objective of all these activities is to build bridges between Academia and the rest of the society.

The second report of the Cities Series is out. In this edition of the collaboration with Esade EcPol we discuss supply policies to improve access to housing in Spain.

This second issue presents the difficulties of access to housing in Spain and the different types of housing supply policies that have been implemented. At the moment the policies of incentives and limitations to reduce the number of vacant homes are difficult to manage and price controls can introduce distortions, such as reducing supply, reducing quality, segmentation of areas and increasing prices. Instead, we explore less widespread alternatives, such as social rent, the promotion of the right of first refusal and withdrawal in some conditions, and the reservation of land and density bonuses.

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Energy renovation: The time for an unresolved issue

Participation in the Green Deal podcast from Agenda Publica. We talk about energy efficiency and building renovation to address the energy transition in Spain.

Listen to the Podcast

Presentation of our working paper: “The impact of cultural activities on health and well-being among older people: evidence from a field experiment” at the IX EvaluAES Research Workshop on Evaluation of Health Policies and Services (2020) 

Here the slides of the presentation in pdf

We have launched our new policy brief Series “Cities” together with Esade EcPol. We started talking about how EU funds can help us to solve energy poverty

In the first issue, we analyze the energy poverty problem in Spain and describe how the NextGeneration Funds and the MFM offer a unique opportunity to tackle it. We propose solutions around three lines of action: (i) Effective transformation of the housing stock; (ii) Knowledge generation; and (iii) Capacity development

KSNET is awarded the second position in the III International Prize “Carlos Román” on public policy evaluation

Link to the piece

KSNET Knowledge Sharing Network

Presentación de la Red por las buenas prácticas en evaluación

Webinar, 23 junio 2020
Afi, ISEAK, Ivie y KSNET presentan la Red por las Buenas Prácticas en Evaluación, un proyecto conjunto para impulsar el análisis de políticas públicas y privadas #labuenaevaluación

Conversations, debates and reflections

How to digitalize education: lessons from covid-19 

Conversation between Neus Lorenzo and Lucas Gortazar, moderated by Pere A. Taberner (in Spanish)

The opinion of our Advisory Board

What is the impact of covid-19 in democracies? Victor Lapuente answers (in Spanish).

The opinion of our Advisory Board

What will be the impact of  Covid-19 in public policies? Marta Angerri answers (in Spanish).

The opinion of our Advisory Board

What can we learn from covid-19 in order to improve our society and our capitalist system? Antón Costas answers (in Spanish).

The opinion of our Advisory Board

What is the effect of school closures caused by covid-19? Lucas Gortázar anwers (in Spanish).

The opinion of our Advisory Board

What will be the impact of  Covid-19 in universitities? Teresa Garcia-Milà answers (in Spanish).

The Welfare State in pandemic times 

Conversation between Ariane Aumaitre and Octavio Medina, moderated by Elena Costas (in Spanish)

Europe, State and COVID-19

Conversation between Berta Barbet and Pol Morillas, moderated by Victor Lapuente (in Spanish)


KSNET Knowledge Sharing Network

Dealing with structural energy poverty: how to use the european funds to refurbish the housing stock

KSNET Knowledge Sharing Network

The Influence of Bilingual Program on the School Segregation by Socieconomic Origin in the Autonomous Community of Madrid: Evidence from PISA

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Nudges: Design and evaluation

KSNET Knowledge Sharing Network

Cities: Lights and Shadows of an increasingly urban world

KSNET Knowledge Sharing Network

Reflections about the implementation of a guaranteed minimum income in the city of Barcelona 

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The financing system of metropolitan areas 

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E-commerce and rural areas 

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Scholarships and grants at the University level 

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