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Report preparation

Firms, the public administration, and the third sector face daily difficulties that come from making decisions and implementing changes and reforms in their functioning. In these cases, the availability of data may be insufficient, as such data has to be analysed by experts in order to extract the maximum amount of information and to make the best decisions. At KSNET, the best experts in their fields of study prepare economic reports.

Among the reports we prepare, one can find the descriptive data analyses ones. In these reports, we undertake a rigorous and objective analysis of the data that allows to clearly visualize the information available, both qualitatively and quantitatively. An example of this type of report is a comparative analysis at the local, regional, or international level of several variables of interest, such as the existence of innovative management initiatives in large cities, the use of new technologies in classrooms, or the level of public social welfare spending. We also prepare reports related to socioeconomic variables such as sectorial economic analysis or advisory reports on the design and implementation of public policies based on available scientific evidence or social experimentation. In line with this, we perform rigorous literature reviews on any socioeconomic topic in order to be able to identify the best practices in public policies and private programs in the world.

We also prepare public sector reports where we go beyond the description of the available data. These reports can be classified into reports related to the operation of the administration, such as financial plans and cost analyses; reports related to the implementation of operational changes or reforms to improve efficiency, such as cost-saving plans, cost accounting systems, performance-based budgeting or public-private partnerships for the provision of goods and services.

The different types of reports we prepare include the following:

  • Advice about social tariffs and pricing
  • Reports on social protection benefits
  • Advice about expenditure programs
  • Analysis of income, inequality and poverty
  • Basic income
  • Literature reviews