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Data management

Access to information is essential for decision-making in the fields of academic research and the worlds of business, public sector, and the third sector. Processing the large amount of information currently available requires a considerable investment in time as well as advanced knowledge in data processing and specialized software.

In KSNET we give advice to our clients on how to design their databases to optimize the process of analysing information. We start with procedures such as the selection of variables of interest or the systematization of qualitative information. Moreover, we build and maintain updated databases as required by our clients with information from primary and secondary sources (INE, OECD, PISA, etc.). We work with international, national, and regional data, as well as with local data or microdata. We are specialized in the treatment of large databases or big data.

We are experts in the use and analysis of data. The tools we use to get the maximum output from the available information include descriptive statistics, econometric analysis, and multiple items to represent data ranging from static analyses to dynamic maps.

To help our clients transform data into useful knowledge, KSNET offers the following services:

  • Data collection through surveys and/or phone calls
  • Cleaning and exploration of databases
  • Database creation
  • Updating and maintenance of databases
  • Descriptive and econometric analyses
  • Dynamic maps creation
  • Management of primary and secondary data sources
  • Microdata and Big Data