What we do

At KSNET, we know that for academic research to have an impact on the economic and social development of a country, academic knowledge must be easily accessible to its citizens. We develop two types of activities to explain public policies and social reality and to facilitate the decision making processes of individuals, firms, and institutions, all based on empirical evidence.

  • Services for the public, private, and third sectors
    We offer an array of services to the public administration, the third sector, firms, universities, and individuals. We gather these activities into three different types: data management (including database design, construction, and development); public policy evaluation and social experimentation (design and implementation of experiments, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, and impact evaluations); and report preparation (including economic and financial plans and advising reports for the implementation of performance-based budgets or new policies).
  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge.
    We give advice on the organization of activities that aim to disseminate and debate economic issues. Adapting to our clients’ needs, we give full or partial support to the organization of workshops and conferences as well as the editing of scientific dissemination resources in this field.

Through our services, KSNET not only publicly releases results from academic research, but also makes scientific knowledge accessible to society in order to satisfy the needs of our clients in a professional and personalized way. To achieve this aim, we select a specific team for each project comprised of our network’s best experts. Those multidisciplinary teams allow us to find integral solutions to our clients’ needs.